Tips to Protect Your Eyes

Tips to Protect Your EyesEyes are one of the most active muscles in our body and sometimes they are one of the most neglected ones too. Eyes work round the clock to provide us our vision and help our brain carry out its normal function. But when your eyes are unable to function properly, there are a lot of problems in our day to day life.

Today we share 10 tips to protect your eyes and keep them safe from any harm.

Tip 1 – Visit the Doctor Every Six Months:

We all hate going to the Doctor, but it’s essential that we keep visiting the eye specialist once every six months to keep the eyes safe. You might not understand that you have an underlying eye problem unless you get a thorough checkup. If you’re above 40 years, always get your eyes checked every six months to help detect eye problems related to advancing age.

Tip 2 – Never Dehydrate Yourself:

The human body is around eyes water so it’s also evident why our body needs water to function properly. Drink at least 8 glasses or 2 liters of water every day. Our blood is made up of water, our digestive system depends on water, our body uses water to flush out toxins from our bodies and our eyes stay hydrated with water. Tears keep it hydrated and when you drink less water eyes cannot create tears easily, resulting in dehydration.

Tip 3- If your eyes feel Strained after Reading, Maybe You Will Have To Wear Glasses:

Even though it’s not a sure sign, but finding it hard to read text for a long time may be a sign that you need to get your eyes checked. Also see your eye doctor if your eyes start to hurt when you work on the computer.

Tip 4 – Wear Eyeglasses as Instructed:

Many of us have been prescribed eyeglasses, but we feel too lazy or just try to ignore the fact that we need glasses. Our eyes are really fast and active organs and they constantly work to bridge any gaps or disruption in vision. This strains our eyes but gives us the impression that we don’t require glasses. But if eyeglasses are not worn in time, our prescription can get stronger. So if you’ve been prescribed a pair of spectacles make it a point to wear it.

Tip 5 – Wear Sunglasses When Outside:

Sunglasses should be a staple accessory in every person’s wardrobe. Not only are they really stylish, these help to protect eyes from sunburn, glares, UV damage and more. Wear sunglasses with UV 400 protection and which protects against UVA and UVB damages. Make it a point to wear sunglasses even when it’s cloudy, since the UV rays are still present in the atmosphere. Also wear sunglasses near water bodies and when you’re at high altitudes to avoid eye strains and glares.

Tip 6 – Wear Anti Glare lenses:

Always opt for anti glare lenses for your spectacles as these lenses can really give our eyes comfortable vision by eliminating glares and reflections. Light reflected off shiny or smooth surfaces and excessive light can damage your eyes and even give you temporary blindness. Avoid these and put less strain on your eyes with Anti Glare lenses from brands like Crizal.

Tip 7 – Switch to Contact Lenses:

Tired of wearing glasses all day? Want to go back to your Spectacle free look? Choose from a wide variety of Contact lenses made from breathable materials which are really comfortable to use. Choose between soft lenses or Gas permeable lenses and see clearly without depending on your glasses.

Tip 8 – Wear Photo chromatic lenses:

Photo chromatic lenses are specially treated lenses that change from clear lenses to tinted when worn in sunny conditions. The UV rays help the small film in the spectacle change color from colorless to light and sometimes dark brown, depending on the brand. Using photochromatic sunglasses is really beneficial for eyes since you don’t need to keep switching between eyeglasses and sunglasses. Also these spectacles block UV rays, keeping eyes safe.

Tip 9 – Eat Healthy Foods:

Our bodies extract the needed nutrition from our food, hence eating healthy is essential. Eyes need vitamins, minerals and other items to keep it healthy and working in good condition. So eat fruits and vegetables, consume good proteins and amino acids. You can also consult with your doctor about taking supplements for eye health.

Tip 10 – Don’t strain eyes With Computer/Digital Device usage:

We all love playing games on our tabs, work on our computers and stay glued to our mobile phones all day long! But these habits can cost us our vision! Our eyes get damaged with the use of digital devices that use blue-violet lights. So get your eyeglasses that can prevent your eyes from getting affected by these blue-violet lights. Reduce your digital device usage and every 20 minutes of computer usage stare at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds, to keep your vision healthy.