Food That Do Good To Your Vision

When at start we get our spectacles, we are super excited. Once a couple of months or years pass by, we realize our excitement has turned to a burden. You might be one of those who at least loves looking nerdy if not one in real life or maybe the one who used to love having to play around with specs just before? Or maybe one of those who used to envy others for specs. But as soon as you got them, you had that poker straight face and now you are in the hurry to get rid of them. You have tried your level best but it does not help. You’ve even thought of the laser treatment but let me guess, it’s either too expensive or you’re just too scared to get it or maybe you just want to keep it natural. Well now guess what? You can get rid of these specs by just eating right and stop thinking about how horrible the laser treatment going to or cost or else how otherwise are you going to try and reduce your number. Check out what do you exactly need to eat to reduce your vision number or to keep your eyes healthy.

• Carrot – We’ve heard about carrots being really good for eyes since a very long time and it is true. Carrots give a good amount of vitamins which help our eyes work good with the visions and be perfect and just the way they are.

• Leafy Green Veggies – Lutein and zeaxanthin are really good for our eyes and that’s what exactly these green lead vegetables give us. They help us make our eyes stronger and our vision proper. Though they might sound boring to eat, but if you really wish to have good eyesight you need to have them more often.

• Eggs – Now who does not love eggs? Eggs are like life! And if you are from one of those who do not like eating eggs, try having them. The yolk present in the egg is again present with a lot of lutein and zeaxanthin and also zinc; apparently making your eye vision stronger and better.

• Citrus and berries – Berries are yum and both of them have level of vitamin c present in them which will help you protect your eye and you will be safe enough. It will also reduce the risk of cataracts.

• Almonds – They have a lot of vitamin E in them and it slows down the macular degeneration. Have a handful of these daily. They aren’t even hard to digest.

• Fish – For those who love to eat fish, here is good news for you. You can now hog on fish and have a good time and maintain the health of your eye too!

• Whole Grain – this will provide you with a lot of vitamin E and zinc and niacin too! You can always switch to whole grain bread and pasta wherever you can.