Better Vision Eye Movement Exercises

The mind is never at rest, but it is constantly being fed thoughts. It attempts to find solutions to problems by working out the issues that we are concerned about. Therefore, it functions best when it is busy from the point of view of being in a positive and relaxed state. The opposite occurs when it is stressed and strained. In this case, it becomes overwhelmed and stuck in a state of stagnation. Such a state of mind leads to an accumulation of negative thoughts associated with worries, fears and anxiety. Consequently, unresolved issues begin to pile up. Likewise, when it comes to the eyes, they function more efficiently when our focus is not stuck on one particular object but moving around or shifting focus on different objects on a regular basis. In this particular state they are more relaxed taking in different sights in the scenery. This particular visual habit improves eyesight. However, when they are focused on one specific object for prolonged periods of time, they accumulate stress and strain.Such visual habits lead to worsening eyesight. Therefore, here is an example of a technique that keeps the eyes moving regularly for better eye health:

Scanning: What is scanning? Scanning is an eye exercise technique involving moving your eyes from the left to the right without moving your head. Here is a detailed description on how to perform this technique:

Sit comfortably in a chair and use your eyes to scan the environment in the room around you. Move your eyes from the left to the right. As you move your eyes across the room, scan various objects like a television, papers, clocks, windows, doors and walls etc. Remember that while you are performing this technique that you are keeping your eyes in constant motion without pausing or stopping to look at anything in particular. Such a technique removes stress and tension from the eye muscles and improves eyesight naturally.

You can also practice this technique outdoors to relax the eyes for better natural vision improvement. For instance, use your eyes to scan objects in your environment outdoors taking in everything from trees, to buildings, houses, cars, mountains and stop signs etc.

The eyes work best when they are busy, not fixated on one specific object for lengthy periods of time, but moving from one object to the next. When the eyes are fixated on a close up object for prolonged periods of time, it creates a buildup of stress and strain in the eye muscles. This accumulation of stress and strain in the visual system weakens the eyes’ natural focusing power. As a result, vision begins to deteriorate.

Our eyes are actually the busiest of the organs in our body. As a matter of fact, even when we are sleeping the eyes are still moving around in the REM Sleep State. Remember when you move your eyes concentrate on moving them in a natural and relaxed state and it is important to avoid jerky movements.

Teaching the eyes to move regularly is a healthy visual habit that relaxes the visual system and promotes better natural eye health. One way to accomplish this is to practice the scanning eye exercise. The opposite is true for visual habits that keep the eyes fixated on one particular object for prolonged periods of time. Such bad visual habits induce eye strain, stress and tension in the visual system causing vision to worsen. Therefore, in order to improve our eye health for better vision and to relieve eye strain, ultimately, it is essential to keep them in constant motion on a regular basis.